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Pre sell your vinyl directly to your fans.

  • Make a body of music that lasts forever.
  • Create a Warm Classical Sound Record that Breathes and has Soul.
  • Maintain complete control of your music

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Imagine how you and your fans will feel listening to your Album on Vinyl

Releasing your music on vinyl creates a bridge, a special relationship between you and your fans. There is something special about holding an LP in your hands, looking at the artwork and the liner notes, the act of taking the disc out of the sleeve and setting the needle down, and hearing that first crackle as the music comes to life.

Unfortunately, pressing your music on vinyl is expensive and time-consuming, and it’s difficult to sell records without a label or distributor. That’s why we created ‘I Want My Vinyl’.

We want to make it easy for your to press your vinyl and pre-sell it directly to your fans, without any upfront costs or the need of distribution deals or a label.

We help you put a physical product in people's hands, a beautiful object that truly represents the work you put into your music in a way that even the highest-quality MP3 or WAV file could never achieve.

Unlike a regular crowdfunding campaign, IWMV doesn’t just take pre-orders for you; we also help you press and distribute your record. There’s no need to find a pressing plant and pay expensive pressing fees, and there’s no need to hand over control of your music to a record label either. IWMV provides the ultimate solution for audiophile indie artists – complete creative control without the risk of overspending.

Find out how easy it is to release your album on vinyl.


Create your Vinyl Project

It’s super easy to create your first vinyl project. Follow the Tutorial and create your dream record with many options to choose from (different colors, gatefold or single jacket, heavyweight vinyl, etc.). Watch in realtime and estimate of how much you’ll earn with this project based on the options you choose.


Start Taking Pre-Orders for your Vinyl

Once you’ve created your Vinyl, you can start selling pre-orders of your record. We help you press your album if it reaches at least 200 pre-orders. You’ll be able to give your fans a preview of how your record will look and let them hear samples of the music.

Relax, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Once you reach your goal, we make sure your records turn out just the way you want, and end up in the hands of the people who ordered them. We help artists with the mastering, release, and distribution of their vinyl project.


If your vinyl project reaches the goal, 'I Want My Vinyl' will apply a 9% fee to the funds collected. If your vinyl project is not successful, no fees will be collected.
When producing a vinyl record, there are several expenses to take into consideration, including:
  • Pressing costs. These will vary depending on the options you choose including: number of records, size (7, 10, or 12-inch), color, gatefold or single jacket, and regular weight or heavyweight vinyl.
  • Mastering costs for each song.
  • Credit Card transaction charges.(3% plus 0.30 per transaction)
All of these expenses are added in to the cost of pre-orders. When creating your project, you will be able to see in realtime how much you will earn from your project when you add or remove options and change the price of your record. Your projected earnings will reflect the total earnings less expenses, based on the options you choose.
If your vinyl project is not successful, we will not charge any fees.
Your fans will pay the shipping costs when pre-ordering your record.
Currently there is no time limit for reaching your goal
You can cancel the project at any time before pressing begins, and you will not be charged if you have not reached your goal. If you have already started the pressing process, you will not be able to cancel the project.
You are allowed to purchase your own records if you want. For example, some artists may want to buy a certain number of records so they can re-sell them directly to fans at live shows, in record stores, or online.
Yes, we ship records all around the world. The shipping price for each record will be automatically calculated for your fans when they place a pre-order.
IWMV isn’t just a crowfunding platform – it’s a full-scale vinyl production platform. While you could use another crowdfunding platform to raise funds for a vinyl project, you would still be on your own for things like mastering, pressing, and distribution. IWMV provides a one-stop solution for indie artists, from taking pre-orders to getting your records into the hands of your fans. That way, you can spend your time doing what matters most to you – making great music – and we’ll take care of all the boring logistics of getting that music out to your fans in a format they love.

Bring your Music Project to Life by Releasing it on Vinyl

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