Nostalgia (single)


1 Nostalgia
1 Nostalgia (Instrumental)
  • 7 inch EP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

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About the Record

This is the first single and title track from my upcoming debut Album ‘Nostalgia’ by Dre McGhee it is an 80s inspired Pop song the B-side of the record is the instrumental

Writer: Dre McGhee

Vocals: Dre McGhee

Producer: MadeByKhwezi/Khwezi

Composer: Khwezi

Recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered by Dre McGhee and River City Studios

Also available on Streaming services

Record Label: Vintage Records

pressed on Black vinyl.

About the Artist


DRE. Is a Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer Pop/R&B are his main Genres but he has done and continues to do a wide variety of music such as Doo-Wop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock and Rap/Hip Hop Music. DRE. Is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He is 21 years old and is working on his second studio album entitled 4Ever 21.
DRE. will be headlining a tour in his city of Grand Rapids to support his upcoming album.