By Abyss X

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Blue 180 gram vinyl.

100 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Abyss X’s debut LP INNUENDO sees the artist taking yet another bold turn in her musically turbulent creative path. She likes to describe herself as “a curiousi mind with a heart”, manifesting all aspects of her capricious artistic outfit without a flinch of hesitation. Taking all the elements that transformed her into a cross genre virtuosa in the past few years and morphing them into a sharp but twisted style of pop song writing. As a true auteur in her practice, she finesses every track treating it as fertile ground for bold artistic manifestation, painting her signature cinematic production with a future sopped brush and for the first time allowing her 4 octave range voice to elegantly embosom each and every track on the album in nuanced ways.

At times her vocal tint is minimalist, almost doom like, at times it is raw and punk and sometimes her approach to vocal arrangement suggests a meticulously masterminded synthesis. The poetic nature of her enigmatic lyrics allows for varied connotations, or total lack thereof. After all, that is what the album title INNUENDO suggests, delivered intimately for the purpose of sentient digestion. Throughout the album, one can detect recurring themes and cries of loneliness, dominance, honesty, self-realization, dispute and infatuation in a dystopian time. Abyss X is not afraid to build a whole world and tear it down within less than 35 minutes and you, the listener, are in the fine position of witnessing that.

About the Artist

Hailing from the Crete, home of the enigmatic ancient civilation of the Minoans, interdisciplinary artist and aesthetic chameleon Abyss X became a virtuosa in experimental cross-genre composition by crafting a unique melange of her homelands remarkable hymns and sultry folk club pandemonium. Emerging from an uncanny yet dominating sound palette, the singer-songwriter's music also carries inspiration from world music, pop, jazz, techno, noise and trip hop, drenched in its own unique sensual vibration. With previous releases under various reknowned experimental labels such as Halcyon Veil and Danse Noire, Abyss X has shared her long awaited debut LP INNUENDO under her own imprint Deep Matters of the Heart.

Abyss X's voice boasts a 4-octave range that contemplates her dominating stage presence when she performs live. She is also the founder and curator of newly launched summer festival Nature Loves Courage in her motherland, Crete.