By Amycanbe

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on White 180 gram vinyl.

500 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

"WOLF" is the third full album by Amycanbe

"Wolf" is an album with a perfect title: a hard record in some way, apparently distant, but if you have the patience to observe it deeply, wonderful just like the wolf of the title.
 An animal that hardly can be approached, which refers to the wild, the pack, to ancient fears, but it is perhaps the very idea of ​​freedom, of a nature not necessarily to our service.

Francesca Amati says: <<This one was different, because for the other albums we were seeing each other every week, constantly, but for this last one I moved to the mountains and so they were sending me emails and we transfer all the tracks. I was by myself writing the lyrics and that was very different but that was the beginning, and then we decided to go to the studio and start recording and then everything built up altogether, so yes, it was a very different way to put the album together.
Meanwhile, where I live, there’s a story that the wolves came back. It’s a country with mountains and forests and it’s been 300 years that they didn’t have wolves here, and a wolf from Slovenia met with a wolf from the Apeninnes. So there was a female wolf from there and male wolf from the north that met here and they started rebuilding a band. And I felt the same, that I was coming from the north and we were meeting to build a band together, to get back together. It’s my favourite album, I really love it and there’s a lot of love on it.>>

About the Artist

Amycanbe hail from Cervia, Italy.

Originally comprised of Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali, they formed in 2002, but actually started as a quartet in 2005, after Francesca Amati and Paolo Gradari joined. After the first live performances in clubs, theatres and local bars, Amycanbe record a self-produced demo (Yellow Suit – EP).

The debut album, Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated, is released in October 2007, produced by Mario Thaler. After three years of intense gigs around Italy and England, the EP called The World Is Round, born from a translation & interpretation project of Gertrude Stein’s novel, is finally out on 25th May 2011.

From late October 2011, the second album Mountain Whales is out and the line-up is extended with the arrival of guitarist Glauco Salvo. During 2014, with several dates and tours around Italy, the line-up is reduced again to a four-piece, this time with the entry of a new musician, as well as producer of the new album, Mattia “Matta” Dallara.

The third album of Amycanbe, Wolf, was released on April 24, 2015.