Traprari Febrrari Vol 1

By Anyel

  • 12 inch Double LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

100 2 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

February 2018 Beats Tape (Traprari Febrrari)
First Time Making Full Lenght Base Type Beats
In A Form of Art

About the Artist

Angel R Santiago , San Juan Puerto Rico Better Recognized in The Puerto Rico Music Industry as Anyel or Anyel Stgo Started at Young Age of 10 Years Doing Rap Freestyle in The City of New Jersey U.S. he Continued To Learning Differents Aspects of Music With One of his Best Friends Cesar Oyola Andino Recognized as ANDINO , Writing Full Songs Differents Types Of Music , Programs Like Fruty Loops , Protools, Adobe Audition And Many Others Top of The Music Industry Then Learning and Study Sound Engineering at CCAT at Bayamon Puerto Rico , as a Dj Assistant of Deco Pro Music Inc , a Company Founded by his Cousing Ryan Rodriguez Circa 2008 , Recognized as Dj Lightning, Returning to Programs (Daws) in Orlando Florida Circa 2012 , Learning How Make Beats For Himself and Other Artists With Everything he Learned During The Course In The Industry So Far , in September 2017 After Hurricane Irma Before Hurricane Maria Decide Upload Beats To Youtube For First Time Being a Publicist of His Own Beats Does Not Rule Out at Some Point Back to His Roots in The Industry and The Culture of Hip Hop