Uncle Joe (Single Edition)

By BLOUZouki

1 Uncle Joe
2 Le vieux Livio
1 L'aeroport
2 Batumi
  • 10 inch EP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

200 EP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Recorded with a bunch of great musicians, in the old center of Istanbul at the Rocket Sonik Studio. You can hear in this EP various styles such as calypso, swing, country... Songs in English and in French, with a beautiful cover made by the Swiss/French comic book illustrator Antoine Deprez! We are really proud to share this with you today!

About the Artist

BLOUZouki is an international Alternative musical band formed in 2012. 
The singer songwriter is inspired by blues music since his early days but his composition are filled with inspiration of his travels all around the world.
In 2012, Hugo Labattut, the singer & songwriter arrives in Istanbul and meets the future members of his band. Together they start playing in bars his new songs newly written. After some month they record their first album “on the way to Istanbul”.
In 2016, with the participation of 14 musicians, Blouzouki records its 2nd album : “Je Déménage” (I’m moving out”). The band still plays in Istanbul for various venues. In 2017 they record their third album “Hobos” as a live session at the Roket Sonik Studio in Istanbul.
The singer moves to Berlin in 2018 and play all around the city with different musicians. In 2019 BLOUZouki is back in Istanbul and prepares a new album that will be released in December 2019.