Bad Movie

By Bobby Messano

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Red 180 gram vinyl.

300 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Now for the First Time Ever! Bobby solo on Limited Edition Red Vinyl.
It's been said that the best story about yourself is the story that someone else writes about you. I thought I had seen just about everything, but I learned yet again that sometimes events happen that just can't be explained. Now this happens to everyone, and in my case, a very tough period in my life turned into a miracle, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make sense of it, you never can. "BAD MOVIE" is that miracle. Every artist is excited when they put a new project out with our babies, our songs, for the world to hear. If you are a songwriter , you pour your heart and soul into your work, and then when you get in the studio to record, " you leave a pint of blood on the tracks" as they say in the UK. My fans and the record buying public have seen the great liner notes that are written about me with stories of my angst, darkness and traumas. I am a Blues Artist after all, but " BAD MOVIE" was different. These songs came from a place that I have never been and what's amazing to me.

About the Artist

You have arrived at the Official website of Legendary Guitarist Bobby Messano. Here is the place to connect with him and to stay up-to-date on the latest Bobby news. Bobby Messano is a legendary guitarist and Contemporary Blues Songwriter who has released seven Solo CD’s, placed songs in many TV and Cable shows and played on over 50 Major label and Indie albums. His playing has been heard on everything from MTV jingles to Benny Mardones’ smash hit “Into The Night”. The celebrated guitarist has played on records by Clarence Clemmons, Franke & The Knockouts, Joe Lynn Turner and STARZ, and produced the 60’s hit act, “THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT”.

Bobby has an equally impressive Live resume. He has played guitar and been the music director for Steve Winwood, Lou Gramm and Country artists Jimmy Wayne, Rodney Atkins and Steve Holy. Bobby has played or headlined such events like BAMFEST, The Charleston Blues Festival, Smokin’ In Steel, Summerfest, Charlotte Speed Street, Blues Brews & BBQ, Blues At The Beach, Bayfront Blues Festival, Deltaville Seafood Festival, Willow River Blues Fest, Ambassador Blues Fest, Colonial Beach Blues Festival, and Southern Maryland Blues Festival, just to name a few!