Next Chapter of Life

By Brian Burns

1 hola Liberation
2 hola Wake Up
3 hola Tell Em
4 hola Escape
5 hola Infinity feat. ILL Conscious
6 hola Another Story
1 hola Life Struggles
2 hola Infinite Knowledge
3 hola Never Free
4 hola Choices
5 hola Real Hip Hop ft illa ills
1 hola Queen
2 hola Message
3 hola Beautiful Pain
4 hola Third Eye
5 hola Last Words
  • 12 inch Double LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

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About the Record

My first album Next Chapter of Life is what I always wanted my first album to sound like. I took it back to the foundation of Hip-Hop, which started with the boom bap sound . When I started plotting out the idea for this album I was going through my next chapter in my own life as well. I was making that transition when you go from not being a teenager anymore to officially being twenty and feeling like the whole world is on your shoulders. I was dealing with a lot of issues from being homeless, unemployed, and family. It was a very tough time, but I still managed to get the album recorded and finished. This was also around the time when there were so many police killings happening in the country, it was like every other day I would see another story about an unarmed black man being gunned down by police. That is what really sparked the album and I knew I had to say something because as an artist it is our duty to reflect the times. Next Chapter of Life is about my next chapter, but also about this country's next chapter and the times we are moving into. A huge inspiration for this album was the Dead Prez "Lets Get Free" album that was released in year 2000. That album changed the way I moved and thought. It was a life changing album for me and I'am thankful they put that album out. My album Next Chapter of Life is a very important work of art not just for Hip-Hop, but for music, period. Peace to the producer Dan Morze and DJ Evi Denz for helping out with the album.

About the Artist

Born and raised in the city of New Orleans, Los Angeles based emcee Brian Burns sticks to the true essence of Hip Hop. It was after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the death of a best friend that made Brian focus and take his craft seriously. Brian takes listeners through his world, giving them truth through his music.