Crushing Yellow Sun Volume 2

By Crushing Yellow Sun

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Green 180 gram vinyl.

200 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Recorded in a garage in January 2016 on a shoestring budget. This is Crushing Yellow Sun's second release. It is modern instrumental heavy psych at it's most psychedelic...and heaviest. It's like moving backwards and forwards at the same time. The whole album is meant to be listened to as one unforgettable experience.

About the Artist

Crushing Yellow Sun is a heavy psych project that is the brainchild of Max Perry, who plays all guitars, bass, and effects on the albums. Starting in 2016, Crushing Yellow Sun has released more than 25 albums, EPs, and singles digitally. Crushing Yellow Sun has a small but rabid fanbase all over the world.