108 (Unedited & Unmastered)

By Dodad

1 The Meaning
2 1st Love
1 2nd Love
2 3rd Love
  • 10 inch EP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

100 EP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Exclusively recorded with Spotify Secret Genius.

The inspiration for this project comes from the idea that everyone falls in love with 3 people in their lives.

1st Love - Naive love. The kind of love we see in movies. The love that we think will last forever. Childish puppy love.

2nd Love - Hard love. The love that shows you who the fuck you are as a person. It will destroy you. But will also put you back together stronger than ever. The love that helps you grow.

3rd Love - Forever love. The love that seems too good to be true. Comes out of nowhere. The best love.

I named my project “108” because of the 108 delusions of the mind. In order to reach your spiritual completion (Nirvana) one must overcome these earthly desires.
To me, 3rd love is Nirvana. We all wish to one day find our soulmates. But within that journey, we must all overcome the impure thoughts & vices that 1st & 2nd love are associated with.

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