Polaroid Girl


  • 7 inch EP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

100 EP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Polaroid Girl
Written and Performed by DRE.
Produced, Composed and Arranged by Khwezi
DRE.Muzic © 2020

About the Artist

One element that makes music so powerful is the connection it creates between musician and listener. For DRE., a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, he sets out to make music that deeply resonates with his listeners, creating positive feelings that echo a better tomorrow.

A versatile singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and actor from Grand Rapids, MI, DRE. primarily concentrates his talents into the sound of Pop, R&B/Soul and Funk. Regardless of the task being composing or writing lyrics, he makes music simply because he loves to.

Radio spins, 1000’s of streams and a feature on ReverbNation have created solid foundations for a career packed with huge potential. On top of a handful of singles lined up for 2020, '4 Ever 21' and 'The Black Album' are two albums coming this year, and perfectly capture the ‘future forward’ sound that DRE. is pushing.
- Written By Producer Hive