Banged Up N Dirty


  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Red vinyl.

100 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

The 10 year Anniversary record of the texas based hard rock band EDEN BURNING !!! This is limited to 100 copies worlwide . EDEN BURNING has been described by some music publications as Hard Rocking Dirty like the rust on a strippers pole . The band is heavily influenced by the likes of Kiss , Alice Cooper , The Ramones , and Motley Crue. Recorded in San Antonio TX in 2007 at Lizard Lounge Studios the record is a heavy mix of arena rock anthems and hard rock sing alongs. One journalist once described this record as " the Soundtrack to his life " From the cruising late at night bar pickup song " If You Want me , to the heartbreak everyone has gone through on " Last December" , and the grinding pole dancer song " Glitter Girl" that was picked up and rotated by some strip clubs around Texas this record is a must have for Vinyl Collectors , and in keeping with the Bands logo , the vinyl is in blood red!

About the Artist

EDEN BURNING was formed in 2005 by Phil Salazar - Vocals , Gtrs , Matt Steele - Vocals , Gtr , John Whitaker -Bass , and Doug Merritt - Drums . Currently bassist Shane Breon has been in the band the past five years. The band has opened for many national acts through the years.