Neon Gardens

By From Fiction

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

100 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

"After leaving his hometown, a young man ventures to new frontiers. Eventually he arrives at a city of lights. At it's core lies the Neon Gardens - the source of all synthetic life that extends around the city. Now the real adventure begins... "

Neon Gardens is the debut album of my retrowave project From Fiction. The production started in February, 2017 at my home studio in Caracas, and was completed in September (same year) in Bogota. It was made using mostly software synths such U-He Diva (most basslines were programmed with Diva), NI Massive, Camel Alchemy, Bazille (for a few sound effects), Zebra, Sylenth1, various audio samples and others.

As my inspiration comes from the 80’s cinematic-electronic music, the entire album is filled with a strong essence of that beautiful decade, but it also salutes the present.. . and the future. For this debut album I was also influenced by one of my favorite sci-fi novels: Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and The Stars.

Neon Gardens was released in digital format and a limited cassette tape edition by Queensland based synthwave label - Midnight Pursuit - in October _____
In order to complete a retro collection, I'm now looking forward to having this record released also on vinyl format with this crowdfunding campaign. If you like the music, you can support this project by pre-ordering the Vinyl, and the physical album will be delivered to you once I have reached a total of 100 pre-orders.
Help this project be completed by pre-ordering your copy now!.

The artwork for the album was designed by Cameron McPhee (

Special thanks to the awesome people (including other synthwave artists), who gave me their support and advices through the production process.

Hope you enjoy this music, as much as I do!.

About the Artist

From Fiction is a synthwave music project created by venezuelan music producer Cristhian Vallejo, the same producer of chillout/ambient project Tales of Painting, and scifi-ambient/experimental project miragEarth. From Fiction's music is influenced by the 80's and 90's cinematic-electronic music and also by modern electronica.