Backwards Television

By Groove Moose

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

200 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

A self produced all-original journey through the life of an American.

01 Regularly Scheduled Programming
02 Crimson Red
03 Money to Bleed
04 Running
05 Georgia Rails
06 The Tadpole Boogie
07 Explosion
08 Demand
09 Won't You (Look My Way)

About the Artist

Groove Moose formed in early August of 2010 when the three of us got together and started writing and recording songs left and right. We love music more than anything and all we want to do is write good songs and have a good time. We're tired of turning on the radio and hearing the same vocal melodies, rhythms and song structures on a million different stations. It's time someone put some originality back into the music scene and that's what we aim to do.