Hudson Soul

By Jim the Boss

1 hola Take Over ft. Jah Adam
2 hola Oatmeal
3 hola I've Got This Feeling ft. Ptah Kruud
4 hola Type A ft. Victor Rice & David Hillyard
5 hola Spectrochrome II ft. Kiwi
1 hola Shine ft. Jah Adam
2 hola Dark Art
3 hola Fire Alarms (Riddim Mix)
4 hola Alkaline Girl II ft. Jah Adam
  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

100 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

The two time nominated dub album of 2016 is finally here on vinyl! Hoboken HiFi and team up to bring you a limited edition of 100 copies only available here! Once the quantity reaches 100 pre sales, they will be sent off to mastering, plating, pressing and then to your door and onto your turntable. Don't hesitate, get yourself a copy today!

This album features some new songs and new dub mixes. The songs, Oatmeal, Dark Art and Take Over remain the same as the original release but Jim has done new dub mixes for Victor Rice and David Hillyard's Type A, Ptah Kruud's In My Soul (now called I've Got This Feeling), the ever popular Spectrochrome by Kiwi and Jah Adam's Alkaline Girl.

You will find a new riddim mix for Fire Alarm, now called Fire Alarms. This mix features the original riddim, B Davis' unreleased version called Fine Night and Sananga's new Gold Rush, which is available starting September 19th from our Hudson Soul record label.

Le Ondes is replaced with Jah Adam's new single for this record, Shine, a powerhouse steppers groove with a mean hammond organ melody and Jim's custom built synth machine adding in little bleeps and bloops over the top end. This song along with Fire Alarms features Hoboken HiFi's new studio sound and band - The HiFi Rockers.

About the Artist

Jim the Boss and The HiFi Rockers have a little studio located in Secaucus, NJ called Hoboken HiFi. They are dedicated to playing, recording and preserving classic era reggae, dub, roots and soul. The idea of a studio producing artists with a house band is not new, in fact, was the standard of all of yesteryears hit songs. Sadly, it's not found that often these days and Hoboken HiFi works hard to preserve this idea. Hoboken HiFi and The HiFi Rockers are always available to tackle any project big or small. Email at

Hoboken HiFi's new record label (named after this record) Hudson Soul will feature new music by B. Davis, Jah Adam, Victor Rice, David Hillyard, Mike & Sketch and more! Follow on instagram @hudsonsoul and facebook (hoboken hifi) !

The HiFi Rockers are

Mike Majette-Torres - Drums/Percussion
Ramsey Norman - Drums
Steve Capecci - Bass
Alex Tea - Guitar
Jim the Boss - Piano/Organ

All songs recorded at Hoboken HiFi and produced by Jim the Boss & The HiFi Rockers except Type A. Type A was written and recorded by Victor Rice at Studio Copan. Spectrochrome was recorded at Hoboken HiFi by Kiwi which contains the same members as the current HiFi Rockers.