Maxximum Drive [Limited Edition]

By Soundstream

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

200 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

"Maxximum Drive" is the 7th album by Soundstream. The most notable tracks are "We Got The Sound", "No Way 2 Hide", "Life Is The Fight" etc. "We Got The Sound" was nominated as "Best Dance Song" by The Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles in February 2016.

About the Artist

SOUNDSTREAM is a HandsUp/Eurodance music band from Kiev, Ukraine, established in 2008 by Denis Timish and Alexander Bulanov.
Their first song entitled “Feels Like Heaven” was out 0n 17/09/2008 and this date is considered as band’s birthday. Since that time SOUNDSTREAM self-released several albums, hit different radiostations around the world and experimented with different genres of electronic music from HandsUp and Eurodance to Dubstep and Electro. Like any other band, SOUNDSTREAM faced different problems on it’s way to the stars, which also resulted in line-up changes. Currently SOUNDSTREAM is:
- Ann Pazyura (lead vocalist)
- Yuriy Muktarov (rapper/MC)
- Denis Timish (keyboardist/producer/songwriter)
Since 2016 SOUNDSTREAM officially releases worldwide under DMN Records (Germany). The band was twice a winner of The Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, California.