Ways of The World

By Terry Borderline

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Blue vinyl.
  • Gatefold Sleeve.

100 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Ways of the World is a ground-breaking audio journey of truth told from the lense of indigenous histories and spiritual afro-futurism. Experience soundscapes that tranform to landscapes of lyricism featuring artistic leaders like One Be Lo, Mickey Factz, Cliff Notez, Estee Nack, Forte, Safiya, Sassy, Reggie hue and more! Dedicated to the children, Ways of the World is a fight to save the innocence of an entire generation through the love and power of Hip Hop. A cascade of balancing and healing divine energy keeps you in tune with godly production from Terry Borderline, clrwtr, and Cliff Notez. Destroy the matrix of the old world and build a new one as you are reborn into the Ways of the World.
released August 27, 2020

Written by Terry Borderline
Recording by Terry Borderline
Production by Terry Borderline
Mixing by Terry Borderline
Arrangement by Terry Borderline
Composition by Terry Borderline
Executive Production by Terry Borderline
Artwork by Karien Benz
Vocals by Sassy Destiny
Background Vocals by Safiya
Vocals by Forte
Vocals by Estee Nack
Vocals by Cliff Notez
Vocals by Reggie Hue
Vocals by Mickey Factz
Vocals by Cloudyyy
Vocals by Meaux Muzak
Vocals by Cloudyyy
Vocals by Illy Maine
Vocals by Fairhazel
Interpolation by The Suns
Guitar by Nick Lovn
Bass by Lucas McCaine
Saxophone by Lone-Sol
Drums by Corey Spingel
Recorded at Phoenix Down Studios
Recorded by Joshua Schuback
Mixed by Joshua Schuback
Engineered by Joshua Schuback
Co-Produced by Joshua Schuback
Production by clrwtr
Production by Cliff Notez
Writing by Cliff Notez
Writing by Estee Nack
Writing by Mickey Factz
Writing by Reggie Hue
Writing by Forte
Writing by Cloudyy
Writing by Illy Maine
Writing by Fairhazel
Dedicated to Sassy Estany
Dedicated to Marco Jean Baptiste
Dedicated to Eadrich Kardnel Miles Bordenave
Dedicated to Aboriginal people worldwide
Dedicated to the children
all rights reserved

About the Artist

Terry Borderline is a performer, songwriter, producer, recording engineer, event planner, editor, and recording artist ushering knowledge into the world through music, events, services and audio/visual creative content. Born with a speech impediment, he over-came many of his obstacles using the wisdom of his rhymes. Founder of The Suns a hip hop rock influenced hybrid band composed of Lucas McCain (Bass), Corey Spingel (Drummer), Nick Lovn (Guitar) and Lone Sol (Saxophone), Terry has transcended the culture as a critically acclaimed live act. Borderline marries a stark interest in unknown histories and universal truths with songs such as “Breathless” and “They Liv” a new Podcast formed by him, Forte, and Sassy airing on Mass Music Radio and Anchor.fm.

One of many, he is the founder of the Borderline Music team: a collective of artists, talents and creatives uniting under a single vision toward progress through expressive arts that boasts dozens of members! Powerful sound and energy is created with the audible atmospheres curated under his elaborate production. Nearly a decade of professional musicianship has taught Terry the importance of supporter and artist accommodation, as a result: the top priorities of the Borderline music team are artist and supporter experience. Music is vibrations, art, soul and God and Borderline aims to manifest them all with every perfect decibel under the guidance of indigenous deities and his ancestors. Building on centuries and generations of musical achievement and progress Terry Borderline devotes his life and career towards his purpose birthing a new age of healing and sound.