The Jesse Whetsell Band LP

By The Jesse Whetsell Band

1 hola Wherever, Whenever/Stub My Toes
1 hola Free Yourself & Dream
2 hola C'mon Girl
3 hola No Light
4 hola Melted Blues (Ooh, Wah-Wah)
  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Black 180 gram vinyl.

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About the Record

Inspired by hopes and dreams. The bulk of this album was self produced in a basement in Baltimore County, MD. Drums were recorded by Jordan Clancy in Denver, CO. "I guess on the surface the album is about trying to find myself; but I'd like to hope every listener will find meaning of their own in these songs." -Jesse Whetsell

About the Artist

The Jesse Whetsell Band is the most recent project by the Colorado Springs based Alternative Rock band The Taxies. Consisting of Jordan Clancy on drums and Jesse Whetsell on mostly guitar and vocals. Work on this album began in November of 2016 in North Platte, NE after Jordan emailed Jesse a nice hour long drum jam. Jesse put the album on hold after trying to work dealing with depression and bi-polar anxiety for 2 months in Nebraska; deciding to take a break and return to his hometown in Baltimore, MD. There, the album sat on hold again for another 4 months, almost being thrown out entirely. Finally, in late September 2017; with inspiration, hope and the warm fire of desire renewed; Jesse completed the album with a new goal in mind... "Let's put it on Vinyl!"