By Yinka Diz

  • 12 inch LP Limited Edition.
  • Pressed on Blue 180 gram vinyl.

200 LP Limited Edition

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About the Record

Welcome to the world of CodeSwitch.

This is Release 1: Discovery.

25% of the profits of each album sold will be donated to Victory Lap 5k - a race to raise funds for minority students and entrepreneurs in STEM (Science and Tech). Check out for more information and to donate directly.

released September 18, 2020

CodeSwitch 1 - Discovery Tracklisting:

1. Praise Be
2. On God ft. Calid B & Jay Beato
3. Cash Rules
4. Where I’m From
5. Never3ver [Insert] ft. Lalo
6. Money Speech
7. Wit Gang (LDN Mix) ft. The M3thod

All tracks produced by Kofi Cooks except for "Never3ver [Insert]" prod. by Kid Soul Brother

All tracks written and arranged by Yinka Diz

About the Artist

Yinka Diz was born in Chicago to a mother from the infamous Cabrini Green projects and a Nigerian immigrant father. By middle school, he was living in the Inland Empire section of Southern California where he developed a penchant for rhyming and eventually became a battle tested emcee and recording artist. In high school, Yinka moved to Europe where he would add DJing and producing to his musical arsenal.

Since then, Yinka has attended and graduated from college as an Engineer as well as organizing and embarking on a West African tour, which led to his return the following year to take part in the African Music Awards Showcase.

Yinka currently resides in Chicago, IL where he's celebrating the release of his latest album entitled Discovery.